20 Best Parenting Hacks Series; Teething Edition

20 best parenting hacks series, teething hacks edition

Welcome to my 20 Best Parenting Hacks Series!

Mummying 24/7 is HARD! We all need a little help to survive it! Love ‘em or hate ‘em, there are 1000’s of parenting hacks out there.

Like those videos you see all over Facebook of the cheery mums with full make-up and hair done immaculately, showing how simple life can really be with just a little parenting hack or 2! Well, if they not only have the energy to do their hair and make-up but they have the free time to actually make these videos in the first place, then they are either robots in disguise or the hacks they are demonstrating really have made their mumming lives a breeze!

I have learned along my 2-and- a- half-year mummy journey so far, that there are actually some brilliantly simple hacks and ideas out there that really do work. And some that, quite frankly, are so bloody obvious once you see them they leave you questioning, why the heck didn’t I think of that before!?


4 Week Series

Every Wednesday for the next 4 weeks I’m going to be giving my 20 best parenting hacks (that work!) for 4 different categories;

20 Best Baby Hacks, 20 Best Toddler Hacks, 20 Best Teething Hacks and 20 Best Travelling Hacks.

This 20 parenting hacks series will include lists of the ones I have found to be the most effective. 20 tried and true hacks used by either myself or my mum friends that are genius. Call it a little weekly parenting cheat sheet to help make life a little easier and help you step up your mummying game!

So, whether the kids are having trouble sleeping because of monsters in their bedroom, teething is being a bitch or learning to get out and about stress free is proving a ‘challenge’ for mummy, this series will have you covered!

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It’s Time for Teething!

Teething is one of the most dreaded baby milestones. It can cause irritability, disrupt sleep, affect eating…. the drool, the crying, the frustration – and that’s just mummy! Plus your poor little baby is in pain! During this time all you want to do is help them and soothe them but it can feel like nothing works. Well, here is 20 teething hacks to try next time you’re faced with it.


1.The Molar Muncher Hack

parenting hacks, teething hacks, baby hacks, molar mumchers

Molar Muncher Teethers are perfect for soothing babys’ whole gum line simultaneously. Ideal for latter stages of teething, reaches all the way back to molars. Try them here.


2. The Frozen Dummy Hack

parenting hacks, frozen dummy for teething, teething hacks

Soothe sore gums during teething by freezing a dummy in an ice try with their favourite drink. How? Squeeze all the air out of the nipple, submerse it in their favourite drink, water or even baby milk and release nipple to fill it. Freeze it and give it to baby. Sometimes Aiden found this method a bit too cold so I’d keep a dummy in the fridge as well so it wasn’t quite as icy cold.


3. The Finger Hack

parenting hacks, teething hacks, baby chewing fingers for teething

Sometimes when your baby is teething, all they want to do is chew! Keep them happy by giving them your fingers to munch on. Bonus hack: Try rubbing your baby’s gums with your finger. According to Mayo Clinic, the pressure can help ease your little one’s discomfort.


4. The Massage Hack

tootharrival, tooth chart, teething hacks

Gum massage that is. While they’re chewing on your fingers,  gently massage their gums. to try and relieve painful teething to some extent. Use the chart above as a guide to where teeth might be coming in and when.


5. The Clean Gums Hack

NUK Oral Care Finger Brush, teething hacks, baby hacks

Massage and clean baby’s gums at the same time using the NUK Oral Care Finger Brush. With all the chewing and chomping trying to relieve the pain of those pesky teeth coming through, be sure to avoid any infection by keeping their little gums clean. These handy ‘finger brushes’ are perfect for the job. They are soft, germ free and coating free microfibers with long lasting protection against bacteria. Pick them up here


6. The Bandana Bib Hack

bandana bibs, teething hacks, baby hacks, cute baby bibs

Bandana bibs are great! Not only do they help catch all the drool but they look so cute! These bandanas are both stylish and practical.  I love these boys designs and these girls designs.


7. The Frozen Washcloth Hack

parenting hacks, teething hacks, baby hacks, frozen washcloth for teething

Take a clean washcloth, soak it in water, wring t out and place it in the freezer. Give it to your baby for chewing when they need it. The coldness of the cloth will reduce the painful sensation in the gums.


8. The Applesauce Washcloth Hack

parenting hacks, teething hacks, baby hacks, applesauce in washcloth

If a plain washcloth isn’t doing the trick, try adding some apple sauce. Put a little bit of apple sauce in the middle of a cloth, roll it up, and freeze it as before.


9. The Medicine Giving Hack

parenting hacks, teething hacks, medicine pacifier

This handy little trick was featured in the baby hack edition. Sometimes, nothing else will work but giving them medicine to ease the pain.  But giving a grumpy, unsettled teething baby medicine can prove a challenge. To make this easier on both baby and mummy, cut a small hole at the end of a dummy / pacifier and stick a dropper through it then administer the ‘magic juice’ (that’s what I call it which also seems to help). This will make giving medicine to babies and even young toddlers that little bit easier. If you want the real thing (I wish i knew about this product when i needed it!) try this handy little medicine pacifier / dummy kit.


10. The Relaxing Bath Hack

parenting hacks, baby hacks, teething hacks, warm bath to ease teething

Is there anything a warm bath can’t fix, even for baby? If your little one has trouble sleeping due to teething, try giving them a warm bath before bed to help soothe and relax them. Once they’re aslseep, be sure to take one yourself with a glass of wine and a good book!


11. The Frozen Foods Hack

parenting hacks, teething hacks, frozen food to ease teething

Frozen foods numb the pain and give temporary relief to teething pains while encourage baby to eat their fruits and veggies. Blitz up a delicious smoothie (see these indulgent recipes for an extra treat) or puree some veggies. Pour the mix into ice lolly moulds and freeze for a few hours. More green slime (broccoli and spinach) teething lollies kids!? I love these star shaped lolly moulds.


12. The Amber Teething Necklace Hack

amber teething necklace

Some parents swear by these Amber teething necklaces, which are known to boost your baby’s mood, soothe their gums and keep them calm. Do they work? Who knows. But they look cute!


13. The Teething Biscuit Hack

teething biscuits, teething hacks, bickie pegs

Give a hard and unsweetened biscuit to the child for chewing. It helps take their mind off the discomfort. Teething biscuits are available in most supermarkets. I liked the bickiepegs brand.


14. The Teething Ring / Toy Hack

teething hacks, parenting hacks, baby hacks, teething toys

Give your child a teether (filled with water) or plush teething toy to play. Silicon, wooden or vibrating teether will also work. You can even offer cold teething rings to the baby, to ease the painful gums. I like the Nuby Wacky Teething Ring.


16. The Acupressure Hack

Some mums swear by acupressure to relieve a host of ailments including teething pain. Not sure where to start? Try using this handy chart to help.


17. The Ginger Hack

ginger to help with teething, teething hacks, baby hacks

The anti-inflammatory properties of ginger are supposed to soothe the pain associated with teething. How to: Simply peel and cut a ginger into small pieces and rub them over the gums for a couple of minutes to relieve your tot from pain. They might not like the taste but if it works then its a winner in my books!


18. The Cold Spoon Hack

cold spoon for teething, teething hacks

Keep a metal spoon in the fridge to give to your baby when they need it.  Aiden was a fan of this hack when he first began teething. Place the rounded part of the spoon on your little ones gums for an instant cooling sensation.


19. The Sophie the Giraffe Hack

sophie the giraffe for teething, teething hacks, baby hacks

I’m including the iconic Sophie the Giraffe especially for younger teethers. It’s a favourite teething toy and a great comforter. Look how cute she is! She’ll quickly become your little teething tots new best friend. Pick up your own one here.


20. The Lots of Cuddles Hack

teething hacks, baby hacks, parenting hacks

If all else fails, lots and lots of mummy cuddles.


Did you catch part 1 and part 2 of the 20 best parenting hacks series?


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