Daily Schedule for 7 Month Old Baby

Daily schedule, 7 month old baby, routine


This is our typical daily schedule for a 7 month old baby Aiden.  Obviously every baby is different, but i found looking at other baby schedules helped us build our own.  Anything that might help baby sleep and feed well and keep mummy sane is helpful huh!?



6am – 7am – Wakes and has a 7oz Formula Bottle

7am – 7.30am – Breakfast.  Typically either Whetabix, Ready Brek or baby porridge with a mashed banana and a little warmed whole/full fat milk.  Afterwards while he sits in his high chair, I give him some kind of finger food as I’m trying to introduce these now.  I tend to go for a small baby rice cake or some left over banana (cut into small sticks so they are easier for him to pick up and put in his mouth)

9am – Nap, usually 30 minutes – 1 hour but I try to make sure he wakes by 10am as I like his longer nap of the day to be in the afternoon. He’ll usually sleep in this cot or pram if we are out and about by then.  Typically mornings are spend out of the house, going for a walk while he naps, meeting friends for play dates and coffees or baby groups.  We both have the most energy in the mornings so I like to make the most of this!  We are home usually just before lunch time if not early afternoon.

10am – 10.30am – 6oz Formula Bottle.  After only a week or so, I think around the time I introduced a second course at lunch time, Aiden naturally dropped this bottle.

12pm – 12.30pm – Lunch.  I make this his biggest meal of the day.  He will have a main consisting usually of veggies and a protein such as chicken or fish followed by a pudding of fruit puree and full fat plain yoghurt or a homemade pudding such as rice pudding or custard.  Finger foods are usually soft cooked veggies sticks or fruit such as blueberries. Let him play and explore his food at this point, tastes and textures are all part of his learning process and it will get messy but that’s what makes it fun for him!  There’s nothing that can’t be wiped clean or thrown in the washing machine, enjoy this phase as it wont last forever!



12.30pm – 2pm –  Playtime!! We play together or he plays in this playpen or Jumperoo. I love watching what new skills he’s picked up or trying to master!

2pm – 7oz Formula Bottle and nap.  Like I said, I try to make this his longest nap of the day for a few reasons.  1. It makes sure he has enough sleep to last him until bedtime so there is no need for a catnap late afternoon which can interfere with meal times.  2. I’m usually pretty tired by this point so it gives me a chance for a chill out time of my own or if I’m bursting with energy that day (and who isn’t after a 6am wake up call and a 7 month old to run around after for 8 hours straight!) I use this time to catch up on housework.  I find at this age now, as long as he wakes no earlier than 3.30 but ideally 4pm he is good until bedtime and it ensures he has had enough total sleep through the day. As a side note, if he does wake say after half an hour which is not nearly enough nap time, I try to settle him again with his dummy / comforter.  After a few attempts if this approach doesn’t work I resort to letting him cuddle into me on the sofa, its not ideal but it doesn’t happen often and means he still gets a good nap. Like I said, these times don’t last forever and I actually love having him cuddle into me while we chill out on the sofa in the afternoons.  There will come a day when he just doesn’t want mummy cuddles anymore because he’s Mr independent, so I cherish this phase.

4pm – Playtime with his toys. I like to make sure he has time alone to play without mummy but i’ll be close by so he can still see that I’m around.

5pm – Dinner time.  This is only one course and again veggie based with some kind of protein different to what he had at lunchtime.  I also include lots of dairy at all meal times whether it be full fat milk, full fat yoghurt or cheese. After his dinner I like to start slowing the pace, I let him watch some tv, we read a book or granny often visits after work.  Anything that signals time to settle down at the end of the day which helps lead into his bath / bed routine.

6.15pm – 7pm – Bath and bed.  He gets a bath only twice per week as his skin breaks out if bathed too often.  On non-bath nights he gets a wash with warm water and cotton wool.  By 6.45pm we are ready to get into his chair in his nursery and read a story, sing a nursery rhyme or two and have his last 7-9oz bottle of the day.  By 7pm he is down in his cot (still awake) with his dummy, his doggie and his mobile switched on. By 7.30pm at the latest he is sound asleep and that’s him until morning. From the minute we go up to his nursery at 6.15pm it is a very quiet and calming time.  His blackout blind is drawn and there is only a table light on.  Everything becomes very peaceful and relaxed which I swear helps him to go to sleep so well every night. I dread the day when I have a fight on my hands at bedtime but for now this overall routine from morning to night time is working wonders!

Daily schedule, 7 month old baby, routine

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