Daily Schedule For 8 Month Old Baby

Daily Schedule 8 Month Old Baby


Setting daily schedules can be tough but they are so helpful for a happy baby and mummy.  This is our typical  daily schedule for an 8 month old Aiden.

Obviously every baby is different, but i found looking at other baby schedules helped us build our own.  Anything that might help baby sleep and feed well and keep mummy sane is helpful huh!?

This month……. we’re going through a phase!



Daily Schedule 8 Month Old Baby


5am – 6am – Wakes up.  YES 5am has reared its ugly head! It’s been a phase due to teething and learning to crawl zzzzzzzz.  On a plus side, I have been able to go into his room when he wakes and give him his soother, switch his mobile on and give him a few toys and he happily amuses himself until 6/6.30am letting mummy doze for an hour or so – it’s needed! I never take him downstairs until at least 6am to reinforce that 5am is not an acceptable wake up time. Once we’re downstairs he has his bottle (around 6.30am) and is still about a 7oz formula bottle.

7.30am – 8.00am – Breakfast.  We have Whetabix, Ready Brek or porridge with mashed banana (see porridge recipe in ‘Baby Eats’ section), toast, eggy bread or pancakes.  Whatever we have he has fruit to feed himself as he’s a great self feeder now. His favorites are blueberries, red grapes (halved), peaches and pears.  Cheerios come in handy every now and again if we’re in a rush as that plus fruit is a breakfast he can completely feed himself while mummy rushes about.

8.15am – 9am – Playtime.  Usually crawling around exploring trying to go where ever he shouldn’t rather than in his playpen!  But he has his toys everywhere and lots to keep him amused.

9am or 9.30am – 10am The start time depends on what time he wakes up and usually only lasts 30 minutes.   He’ll either be in his room in his Poddlepod or in the pram if I’m already out of the house.

10am – Typically mornings are still spent out of the house, going for a walk, running errands, meeting friends for play dates and coffees or baby groups.

12pm – 12.30pm – Lunch.  I try to make this finger foods that he feeds himself.  Usually cooked chicken pieces and vegetables with a little cheese, hard boiled eggs and ham, cheese on toast, eggy bread, cous cous or quinoa, home-made soup with bread (obviously I feed him this, I don’t mind mess but not this much mess!!), ham and cheese spread sandwiches, tortilla wraps…. Always with fresh fruit for pudding.



12.30pm – 1.30pm –  Playtime!! We play together or he plays in his Jumperoo depending on what mood he’s in.  We’ve tried sensory bottles, discovery boxes, the many, many (many!) toys in his playpen (lucky boy!) It’s more about trying to keep him awake until he’s ready for his next nap as this is the time he usually starts lagging.

2pm – 7oz formula bottle and nap.  I still try to make this his longest nap of the day.   It will last anywhere from an hour to an hour and a half.  I usually like him to wake up no later than 3.30pm to make sure it doesn’t disrupt bedtime. Once he wakes up we sit and have a cuddle for half an hour or so.

4pm – Jumperoo and kids TV.  Yes I said TV!  I don’t think it’s going to turn him into a couch potato nor turn him into the devil!  Kids TV can be great for them and a fantastic learning tool.  It’s simply a way to help keep him entertained for an hour without mummy because for me this hour before tea time is spent tidying, doing housework and cooking our tea (he eats whatever I’m having now) so the TV and Jumperoo keeps him happy and distracted so I’m going with it!!

5pm – Dinner time.  Like I said he eats whatever I eat now which is fantastic!  We have anything home cooked from bolognaise and pasta, chicken casserole, fish pie, salmon and veggies, soup, mince and tatties….. he loves it and mummy’s cooking is improving with practice too!

6pm – 6.30pm – Bath and jammies on. Either a proper bath or a sponge bath (he has baby eczema and his skin cant handle a bath every night).  I moisturise him all over using Aveno which so far is the only cream that works for him.  After he’s dressed for bed I let him crawl around the living room for a while.

6.30pm – 7pm Bottle and bed.  We go upstairs to his room and read a few stories on the rocking chair, he has a 7oz bottle and I sing him a song.  By 7pm he is down in his cot (still awake) with his dummy, his doggie and his mobile switched on. By 7.15pm at the latest he is sound asleep and that’s him until morning. He’s still great at going down to sleep at nights – long may it continue!


For more daily schedules have a look at the Mum and Baby section

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