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My Single Mummy Self – A blog by a single mum for mums so we can all feel a little bit less alone. 


my single mummy self, mum blog, single mum blog, lifestyle blogWhether you’re a single mum looking to find people who understand what it’s like doing this parenting thing solo or whether you are a happily married mum looking for inspiration or an escape from your reality for a while, this blog might just be something you can relate to! Because who else understands what it’s like to ‘feel like a bad mum’ or why sometimes ‘it’s hard to be a single mum’ or even what it feels like to just need a little bit of a ‘pick me up’ more than other mums who have gone through it all too?

Plus for me, honestly, writing my thoughts down here and creating blog posts is like therapy and it helps me to feel like I’m not alone – or going crazy trying to cope with this raising a tiny human malarkey (they do like to drive us insane sometimes, don’t they!?)



As you might have noticed, my blog is a little bit of everything;

The Blog section is full of blog posts about the reality of single mummy life such as the stigmas attached, the great parts about doing it alone, how to cope when they’re kicking your ass and how to handle the ‘daddy questions’.

The rest is in the Lifestyle section. This includes tips and tricks I’m picking up along the way, shopping and product reviews and posts about ‘mummy well-being’ because it’s important to look after ourselves too.  There’s  also an Inspiration & Quotes section (because who doesn’t love a quote!?) And finally, you’ll find lots of deliciously simple recipes in the Food and Drink section (and you’ll soon realise my addiction to all things chocolate)

Be sure to stop by the Freebies & Offers section to pick up yourself, well, a freebie! This is also where I’ll list exclusive special offers for my readers.

I have also set up a shop! It’s a new shop just launched in September 2017 selling handmade goods. You can buy directly from this website or feel free to go to my Facebook or Etsy pages.



The best ways to connect with me are through the comments on my blog posts; I do my best to respond to each and every one.  You can reach me by email at mysinglemummyself{at}outlook.com or follow along with me on facebook,  Pinterest, Twitter and Instagram. You can also fill out the contact form below.


A Bit About Me

my single mummy self, single mummy life blog

In 2014 I became a mum to a beautiful, cheeky but loveable little man called Aiden. Before that, (before  my  changed beyond all recognition) I was a fitness instructor and fully qualified personal trainer and nutrition coach. I also studied advertising, marketing and PR.  Together, Aiden and me live in a little house in the North East of bonnie Scotland with our two cats Kiwi & Biscuit!

How Did I End Up Here?

Unfortunately (or not so unfortunately) my partner left when I was pregnant  so  I had about 5 months of my pregnancy knowing I was going to be going it alone and had some time to prepare – although can you ever really prepare yourself for what its like to become a mum!? Not really! But it gave me a chance to get settled into a new house and create a lovely little home for the two of us and as terrifying as it was, it turned out to be the best thing that ever happened!

In 2016 I became quite ill. I wont bore you with the details, lets just say it was a pretty tough time while having a 1 year old to take care of on my own. I was drained, scared and I felt a bit lost. I was housebound and soon developed anxiety and panic attacks. On the advice of my doctor I began writing things down –  how I was feeling, what I was feeling – physically, emotionally, mentally. Every one of the hundreds of thoughts and fears and worries that seemed to be spinning around my head all at once.

I started to write blog posts and set up a facebook page to post them on which quickly gained followers and I began to receive lots of messages from other mums facing the same fears and problems that I was. Knowing I was helping other people feel like they weren’t alone or going crazy for feeling the way they were was amazing to me. Amazing to know that what little old me wrote had helped to make someones day just a little bit better. 

I started researching how to make writing a blog become a career and I bought a fantastic book called Blogging Your Way to Riches by mum bloggers Emma Bradley and Lynn James. I read it cover to cover and I felt so inspired! Could writing a blog for a living be something I could actually do!? Could it really happen to me!? I figured I had nothing to lose and so…. My Single Mummy Self was born!


Anything Else You Need to Know…..?

  • Im addicted to chocolate
  • I cry at anything to do with animals
  • Yoga is my new love
  • Closely followed by Disney (the magic just never goes away, I revert back to the 10 year old me every time I’m in the Disney store!)
  • I’m opinionated and bossy
  • I love watching property renovation programmes, you know Homes Under the Hammer, Escape to the Country, DIY SOS….
  • I eat pizza almost every Saturday night sometimes followed by a tub of Ben and Jerrys

So if you would like to join me in this journey or even just drool over photos of chocolate muffins, chocolate brownies, chocolate pudding…… please subscribe, I’d love you to come along!


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