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I’m really excited to  have my friends from write a guest post today! work with teachers and curriculum developers to create educational activities and other resources for kids.

Today, they’ve chosen to share an outdoor summer activity focused on math: number sense & shape recognition suitable for ages 3-7, although the activity can be adapted to suit a younger age.

It looks like it will be a really fun activity to enjoy outside in the summer months and will be a great introduction to learning numbers for little ones. Perfect to keep the kids entertained during the holidays especially if you have access to a sand play box, a sandy beach, or a small homemade sand or rice bin!

If you’ve got colourful number props or other items in the mix, colour recognition can also be an added learning topic.




Activity: Dig For Treasure!

Summer time might mean hitting the park, going for cool treats, and having lots of play time. But that doesn’t mean play time can’t include a little learning. In this activity, your child will learn to recognize numbers by their shape, use sensory clues to identify different forms, and build her shape recognition skills and spatial awareness. She’ll also improve her fine motor skills, which are especially important when it comes to writing. The best part about this outdoor activity is, she’ll get to play in the sand and dig for buried treasure! This is a great learning game to play the next time you visit the beach or park. Or, consider making a sandy play bin at home! Dig For Treasure. Learning activity

What You Need:

  • Plastic or wooden numbers
  • Sandbox or sand at a park or the beach
  • Optional: Blindfolds


What You Do:

  1. Start by burying different numbers in the sand.
  2. Tell your child that she is going to be digging for treasure. Blindfold her or simply have her close her eyes and let her know that she will be finding the buried treasure using her senses other than her sight.
  3. Tell her to dig in the sand until she finds a number. Then she will feel the number all over and try to tell you what number she thinks it is, based on its shape.
  4. Ask her to try to identify the shapes and parts that she feels with each number. This will help her to figure out which buried number she has uncovered. For example, an eight is made up of two circles and a four has a triangle in it. See how many numbers she can correctly identify simply based on how they feel.
  5. Optional: To add a bit of fun, bury several play coins in the sand for the children to dig up and count as well. Are your numbers coloured? After your child identifies a number, ask her to open her eyes and identify it’s colour.

For lots of great resources, please have a look here! 

To find out more about please check out their website here


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