Favourite Toy of the Month: June 2017 – George Home Wooden Play Table

Favourite toy of the month: wooden farm table

Favourite Toy of the Month

At the end of each month I’m going to write a review about Aidens ‘favourite toy of the month’ – his most played with toy and the go to one of the moment.

This month’s favourite is a Wooden Play Table from George Asda with additional accessories I have added.


Price: £25.00

Delivery: Standard delivery £2.95

Suitable for: From 3 years

What’s Included: Table with double sided table top

Developmental Benefits: ‘Imaginative Play’, ‘Language Development’.


Height floor to top of table 30cm (12inches)
Width 83 cm (32.5inches)
Depth 60cm (23.5 inches)

Product description: As described on the George website –

“Engineer, artist, builder, painter, cook, a lover of trains, or a writer – whatever your child dreams of and aspires to be, this multi-purpose table will set the perfect scene for them. With a cool, reversible dual-themed table top, your child can choose to make it their activity area or set up their favourite train set on it.”

Toy of the month: wooden farm table

My thoughts

It arrived 2 days after I ordered it in a large box very well packed. I took it all out and ready the instructions.

It was very easy to assemble, 10 minutes tops with Aiden standing beside me ‘helping with his tool box’.

When it comes to laying the table top panels you have the choice between a farm yard design or train track.  Aiden is very into farms at the moment – tractors, farm animals, farmers, the lot – so it made sense to start with the farm design.

The design of the table top is really bright and colourful which I loved while the natural wood base blended in perfectly with my living room décor! (I’m trying to have my living room resemble an actual grown up sitting room now rather than a kids toy jumble sale or nursery like it has done for the last 2 and a half years!) so the design was a big plus! It also went well with his toy box which was an unintentional added bonus.

Straight away I noticed that the edges are smooth and rounded and the table itself is easy to wipe clean so very child friendly.

Once it was all set up I let Aide explore and his face lit up when he saw it all build and in fact his exact words were “oh wow!”.

The downside was that it didn’t come with any accessories so unless you have your own that would be pretty much it. I did however have some accessories (see below for details) so I was able to set them up and they worked perfectly with the table!


Toy of the month: wooden farm table

Why Does Aiden Love It

After it was all set up, Aiden immediately got down on his knees and started exploring it.

Because of the additional accessories I added – cows, horses, tractors, sheep, barns – there was everything you would find on a farm. Everything Aiden has been learning about farms (animals and the noises they make, things you find on a farm thanks to good old “Old MacDonald Had A Farm” was incorporated into this table and accessories and he loved it!

He loves it because there is so much to do.  He feeds the animals, makes them interact with one and other, moves them around.  Soon he was role playing with the different figures and tractors.  Adding voices and animal sounds, it really brought out his imagination.  Every toy shop has farm related toys so we can always add to it.  It can continue to grow.


Other Useful Details

The table itself is very well made. Very sturdy and solid yet light enough for me to be able to move around.  And I don’t advocate this is any way but I have it on good authority that it can hold a very  solid 2 and a half year old boy who thought it was a great to use to climb up and reach the things mummy had hidden up high!

What I love most about this table, is that you can simply turn the panels over so train track on one side and farm table on the other option of 2 different play scenes – great plus point and one of the reasons I went for this one in the first place.

I also like that the table doesnt have to be used only for role play with farm or train figures and sets. It can be used as a play table to do crafts, jigsaws, playing cars, building blocks. So even if you don’t have the figures I already had, it can still be put to lots of use.

Although it states suitable from 3 years on, I got this when Aiden had just turned 2 and it was definitely suitable for him. Its not so big that he couldn’t kneel down and play. I had friends kids come round to play who are 4 and 6 and it was a great size for them  aswll – and big enough that all 3 kids could sit around it playing.


Anything I Dont Like?

What would make this table even better would be to have some storage space under the lid. However, there is plenty of room underneath that I keep two large storage boxes with figures and books in.



Multi purpose

Easy to wipe clean

Easy to assemble

Designed to fit well with any traditional and contemporary décor in your home.

Provides hours of fun for a large age range



No storage

Doesn’t come with any figures or accessories



Do I think it suits the age range it’s for?

 Aiden has played with it from the age of 2 and children aged 6 also enjoy it so it suits a large age range and younger than stated on the website (in my opinion).

Would I say it’s worth the money? 

Absolutely! Was very surprised with the quality and sturdiness of the table given the price.  Would be even better if it included even a few accessories. But for the price, adding nicely designed furniture to a room, excellent value.

Would I buy similar playsets? 

I am actually tempted to buy another one and use it train side up for Aidens bedroom….. still undecided but it might just be a Christmas present idea!

Would I recommend this product? 

Definitely. No question about it.  Given the ideal size, structure, design and versatility I would absolutely recommend this to friends above the similar higher priced versions.


Final thought

This has provided hours of fun so far and if he ever gets bored of the farm I know I can turn it round and becomes a train set making it a whole new toy in Aidens mind.  The design is excellent, it’s easy to wipe clean, child friendly yet looks great with the other furniture in the room and is multi purpose. It’s given Aiden a chance to work on his role playing skills and brought out his imagination in a way no other toy has so far.  He’s learning about farm life and animals and it literally keeps him happy for hours every day.. Which is what we all want from a kids toy right? Definitely his most favourite toy of the month and maybe for a few months yet!


**The accessories I use to accompany this table are;

Barns – Early Learning Centre

Figures are from a book series called My Animal Farm


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