Must Have Baby Items They Don’t Tell You About; Newborn – 1 Year


Must Have Baby Items

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You Mean I Should Buy Things BEFORE Baby Gets Here?

When I was pregnant, around the 5 month mark, I was having a coffee with friend and she asked me ‘So have you got everything you need’? As I stared at her blankly and confused I replied ‘I haven’t started yet. Should I’!? You see, that’s how clueless a mummy-to-be I was. I had NO IDEA about all baby items needed to buy for baby’s imminent arrival other than bottles, sleep suits, a bed and a pram! I had no idea just how much you needed for before baby gets, after baby gets here, for baby, for mummy, for hospital, for your sanity…!

Add this to the fact that I was in complete shock about my relationship breaking down and being left to do it all alone and it’s safe to say I was in absolute denial and avoidance of the situation! But whether I liked it or not, this baby was coming out – and soon!


Don’t Panic!

I went home that afternoon and searched the internet for ‘what you need for a baby’, ‘must have items for baby’. 

Panic soon set in.

List after list, some seeming endless stating ‘your essential guide to what you need’, ‘the must have items for baby’. Not only did I not realise I needed half of these things but I soon realised I didn’t have a clue what most of them were! (Whats the difference between an all-in-one, a sleep suit and a baby grow….  NOTHING!!! Nothing at all! They’re all the same!! It took me months to figure that out!).


Narrowing Down

After the initial panic subsided, I grabbed some chocolate, sat down with my laptop and started to compare baby items lists online, taking notes of what seemed to be the most popular items. I then asked friends and each one seemed to have their own ideas of what were essential items and what not so much. After a week or so I had my list narrowed down to everything I needed plus a few extras and for the most part I think I had it spot on, there were only a few things I found that I either didn’t need or weren’t suitable in the end.


Why Did I Not Have These Items On My List!?

There were, however, some baby items which never appeared on ANY must have lists but that once Aiden arrived I soon realised were god sends, must have baby items that not only made my life easier but baby happier! And happy baby = happy mummy! Now everyone is different, but personally, i could not have gotten through it without these.

Here is my very own picks of must have baby items:


Tommee Tippee Perfect Prep Machine

 Check it out for yourself hereperfect, prep, machine, tommee, tippeeThe most costly item which definitely put me off buying it at first. I lasted 3 weeks making bottles the old-school way before I bought this ingenious little thing from Amazon with next day delivery. Yes, i was desperate.

Why Did I Need It?

During the day bottle making was fine, I was very lucky that Aiden was like clockwork every 4 hours so I could have a bottle ready for him when he was due a feed, the lucky devil never ever had to wait to be fed 😉 But the night feeds were the tough part. I hated getting up 2-3 times through the night in the middle of winter, having to go downstairs to the cold dark kitchen, put fresh water in the kettle, let it boil, let it cool to the right temperature and then start making the bottle up whilst my baby is on the verge of a melt down because he wanted his bottle half an hour ago! I was exhausted, cold and (did i mention desperate?)

Is It Worth The Price?

I’d heard about the Perfect Prep when I was pregnant but when I looked it up I couldn’t believe the price – £119.00! I just couldn’t justify paying that kind of money on something that may turn out to be a gimmick. But in my desperation when Aiden was a few weeks old I looked again. The reviews were fantastic, every single one of them and when I saw it was half price on a mum and baby event I went for it – best purchase ever!

  • Makes a fresh bottle, at correct temperature, in less than two minutes – yes, perfectly every time
  • Filter system removes impurities present in water – yes, never had any problems with tummy upsets
  • Initial ‘hot shot’ of water kills bacteria that may be present in formula – yes as before
  • Dispenses correct amount of water for a more accurate and consistent dilution – yes, perfect consistency
  • The Perfect Prep machine works with any powdered formula milk – yes, I have used two different kinds of formula and both worked perfectly

You literally put a baby bottle (any brand/make) under the dispenser, press a button to give out the hot water shot, add the desired scoops of formula and swirl around in the water, put it back under the dispenser, press the button again and hey presto one perfect baby bottle in less than 2 minutes!

I was lucky that it was half price when I bought it, but it’s that good I’d happily pay full price for a machine that I make use of 2-8 times a day for a year! It can make a fresh bottle at the perfect temperature for baby. I am by no means saying it does something that’s physically impossible to achieve without it. But personally, it made every feed a doddle and made for one happy, stress free, quick fed baby.  Which is priceless in my opinion!

Find it here


Moby Wrap

 You can find the product and all details here

 moby, wrap, baby, wearing

I always knew that if I ever had a baby I would want to use a baby sling. I think I saw someone carrying their newborn one day years ago and I just loved how beautiful it looked and how close the baby could be to mummy even when out and about.
Initially, I bought a baby sling but I found that it put far too much pressure on my lower back which had already suffered during the pregnancy. I almost gave up on the idea but when Aiden was around 6 weeks old I noticed an old school friend comment on a page on facebook which was about ‘baby wearing’.  Amazing. Mums literally wear their babies.  So I asked her advice and she recommended the Moby Wrap, pricey she said but worth it for quality and overall performance. So I went hunting via my trusty laptop and found the perfect one.
  • Suitable from birth to 30lbs.
  • 100% Cotton & Machine Washable
  • Full Written Instructions & Storage Bag
  • Distributes weight evenly & incredibly supportive

Made from beautiful, soft stretch cotton I found this to be a fantastic and comfortable carrier for Aiden. I used it to carry him around both in the house and outside. I even did the hoovering with him in it! They say it can be used from birth to 30lbs, but really stands out in the infant stage.

The How-To

“Simply wrap the fabric around you according to the directions and pop your baby in-an-out as needed. Since the Moby wraps over both shoulders, you can switch baby from side-to-side with no readjustment – all the time cradling them”. – Moby Wrap website

I admit, when I first unravelled what seemed miles of fabric my first though was ‘oh my god, this is going to be so complicated, there’s no way I’m going to have the patience to put this on every day’ and I was glad my sister was round at the time to help untangle me from a failed first attempt to wear Aiden! But as soon as I sussed out how the wrap wraps it was a doddle and took no time to get it on and Aiden in and out. To begin with he ended up falling asleep within minutes whereas now, at 7 months, he loves being in it while resting on my hip looking around when we go out of the house. My only regret is that I didn’t buy it for when he was a newborn!

Poddle Pod

Find your very own Poddle Pod here

toddle, poddle, pod, baby


What the hell is a Poddle Pod I hear you say!?

“A Poddle Pod is a wonderful handmade baby snuggle nest… quite simply a safe, snuggly and very convenient place to put your baby down… anywhere and anytime you need it”.

A Toddle Pod is a larger version – aka it lasts until he is much bigger! I knew that I wanted to establish the difference between day and night sleeping from the get go as I read this helps to encourage a good sleeping routine. So although to begin with I used his Moses basket downstairs through the day then took it upstairs for him at nights, after a week or so I began to use the Toddle Pod downstairs for nap times.

What I loved about this is when I put Aiden in it for nap time (from the day I got him home to even now at 7 months) the sides would gently pull in to hug him making him feel like he was still being cradled and hugged by me! The rounded design of the sides also helped to prevent him from rolling or turning. Genius.

Why So Good?

  • Always ready to ‘poddle-snuggle’ your baby.
  • Somewhere convenient to quickly and safely place your baby down.
  • There when you need it… around the home, travelling, camping, visiting.
  • Brilliant for parents, great for grandparents, excellent for baby sitters.
  • Ideal for baby sponge baths, infant massage, tummy time, lounging, wardrobe and nappy changes, camping, playing…. and so much more!

Find it here


Baby Play Mat / Play Gym

Find your very own baby playmat here

play, mat, bright, starts

What do you do with a baby who is awake when you need to do something without him in your arms or just need a break? You put him in a playmat and let him stare in amazement at the lights, shapes and shadows above him! There are so many playmats on the market and I ended up with 3 before I found the perfect one which I wish I‘d had all along.

And The Winner Is?

It’s called the Bright Starts Swingin’ Safari Baby’s Play Place and what I loved as it can be adapted as baby grows so even once he is rolling around and crawling, he can still get lots of enjoyment from it. It can be set up to allow 5 or so different ways to play, newborn, active discovery, tummy time, sitting and crawling. The toys are great, reachable, teething friendly toys with different colours and textures. The music isn’t typical ‘lullaby’ music which is a nice change!

This is definitely one of the bigger and more expensive play mats / play gyms but you get a lot for your money. It is big enough to store baby’s stuffed toys and still have space to play. It keeps baby draught free and most importantly once they start to roll they can’t escape! I used it several times every day and now as an activity spot when we are upstairs and he is in his room while mummy tidies up. Perfect!

Find it here


Pick up your own one here

jumperoo, baby

I found it got to a point when lying down all the time got boring and frustrating for Aiden once he could hold his head up well and be upright comfortably. He was ready for something new to explore and the Jumperoo was one of the more well known must haves people seemed to rave about. He started using it at around 3 months and continued until  10/11 months.

Which One?

The one I went for was the Step and Play Jumperoo which had the added feature of converting to a walker.  Baby can jump up and down, explore toys, spin around 360 degrees and walk back and forward . The only downside was the size – it’s big and took up a lot of room!! But given the hour or so of non-stop fun each time then I’d say it’s totally worth invading your room for 6-9 months!! It is definitely on the pricey side but worth every penny.  Not only does your little one enjoy their first tastes of independence as they are actually bouncing and playing by themselves but it frees up mummy to be able to get on with the housework, eat lunch etc. Content in the knowledge that your little one is safe and very very happy.

Find it here


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