Daily Schedule for a 1 Year Old

Daily Schedule for a 1 Year Old


Aiden is now 14 months old, and the ‘schedule’ isn’t so much of a schedule anymore.  Everything seems to have settled into more of just a daily routine now, a few tweaks here and there depending on what the day holds but we’ve entered a new phase.

Gone are the planned naps, bottle feeds, meal times etc.  My baby’s not such a baby anymore! So here is a typical day in the life of Aiden and me…



Daily Schedule for a 1 Year Old

7 – 8am – Wakes up.  YES!!! We made it!!! Aiden now sleeps through the night from 7pm until between 7 and 8 am and WHAT. A. DIFFERENCE.  For a while there I thought the people telling me “you will sleep again”, were lying bastards!  But yes, he wakes anywhere between 7 and 8am and typically lays in his cot babbling to himself or doggy or the cats. I now cheat and put a bottle of milk in his cot when i go to sleep at night, he sometimes wakes through the night to have it or he’ll sit and have it when he wakes in the morning.  I let him lay there as long as he’s happy, until he starts shouting “up”! (his new favourite word) and usually it’s 8am when we head downstairs.

8am – 9am – Mummy has a coffee while Aiden crawls around exploring, usually trying to catch the cats.  Even after a full night sleep i still need my morning coffee.  We then have breakfast around 8.30am.  Typically Wheetabix and banana with fruit or toast, fruit and a yogurt.  At weekends i tend to do pancakes or eggy bread.

9am – 10am – Get dressed and ready for the day.  Because Aiden sleeps later in the mornings, he doesn’t tend to have a morning nap so we can get up and do whatever we like.  Usually its going up the street to do some shopping then a walk or to the park before home for lunch or we’ll have a play date or baby group.  I have the most energy in the morning just now so like to make the most of it incase thats all we’ll manage for the day

12pm – 1pm – Lunch.  We have the same meals now so lunch can be anything from a sandwich, soup, eggy muffins (see recipe in yummy mummy section), raviolli, hot dogs, eggs, pasta…. the list is endless and I’m trying to add new recipes into the mix.  Anything he can feed himself these days is a hit.



1pm – 2/2.30pm – Nap time.  The only downside to this is his naps can be anything from half an hour to 2 hours.  There’s no consistency at the moment but hey, he sleeps all night so who cares! 😉  This is mummies time to chill out with a cuppy and her feet up 😉

2.30 – 5pm – Our afternoons vary.  It depends on how I’m feeling mainly.  We might have a play date, go out to the park or a play gym, go swimming or visit granny.  Some days if we’ve had a lazy morning this is when we do shopping.  But some days we just take it easy in the house. Aidens great at playing with his toys himself which makes it a whole lot easier on mummy if I’m having a bad health day.  But we’re starting to add in painting, discovery games and more ‘toddler’ type activities. Some days mummy even does some cleaning while Aiden plays with his toys and watches telly. I also add in a snack of a biscuit or some home baking around 3/4pm, this keeps him going until tea time.  It’s not the most exciting life some days, but I love it.

5pm – Dinner time.  Like I said he eats whatever I eat now which is fantastic!  We have anything home cooked from bolognaise and pasta, chicken casserole, fish pie, salmon and veggies, soup, mince and tatties….. Thank goodness for slow cookers is all i can say!

6pm – 6.30pm – Bath and jammies on. Either a proper bath or a sponge bath (he has baby eczema and his skin can’t handle a bath every night).  I moisturise him all over using Aveno which so far is the only cream that works for him.  After he’s dressed for bed I let him crawl around the living room for a while.

6.30pm – 7pm Bottle and bed.  We go upstairs to his room have a cuddle and i put him straight down. He doesn’t like a fuss now, just in his cot with whats left of his bottle and doggy to cuddle.  He still goes straight to sleep and apart from a few cries here and there if he’s lost his dummy he pretty much sleeps straight through to morning.

Amen.  We made it! (Bet I’ve just jinxed it for tonight now!!)

Night all

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