Summer Holiday Bucket List with Printable Checklist

Summer Holiday Bucket List. Printable Checklist of activities kids will love


I was initially dreading the summer holidays.

I’ve gotten so used to Aiden being at nursery every morning that the thought of 6 weeks of 24 hours a day nonstop mummying was sending me close to a meltdown!


“How am I going to keep Aiden amused and keep me sane for 6 weeks!?”


I started jotting down all the things I used to love doing as a kid during the summer holidays.  So much nostalgia came flooding back.  I remembered so many moments that I had when I was little, memories that might be right at the back of my mind now but they’ve stayed with me.

Everything that summer as a kid used to be about – building dens, making crafts from shoe boxes and sellotape, playing in paddling pools and eating ice lollies all day long, taking a good old bucket and spade to the beach, taking fishing nets to the pond to fish for tadpoles, taking photos with a disposable camera, listening to a walkman for hours on end, watching Saved By The Bell and California Dreams, scraped knees, jelly shoes and sending postcards – not texts.

I decided that I want the summer holidays to be fun, to create the same great memories for Aiden that will last.  He’s still little, but this is a fun year to start!

So I made a summer holiday bucket list.  I thought, if we did one of these things a day, our weeks will fly by and they’ll be so much fun!

The list is all about keeping it simple, old school, nostalgic and most of them will cost you nothing. Perfect for mummy on a tight budget.

There are 26 free activities and 6 paid activities (one for each week). Why not print it off or pin it to Pinterest and give it a try yourself? Every night pick which activity to do the next day.

For more play and activity ideas have a look at the Activities and Play section here or check out my Pinterest page


Summer Holiday Bucket List. Printable Checklist of activities kids will love

Click here for a printable PDF Summer Holiday Bucket List


Also be sure to check out the guest post from for a great outdoor activity to play with the kids.

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