Top Tips For Mums – Invaluable Product to Help Keep Your Child Safe

I don’t normally do short and sweet posts but this new discovery is too invaluable not to share!

A friend of mine recently bought this product for her 8 year old daughter. It’s called the

‘Witmoving Childrens Smartwatch GPS Tracker’ – A Kids Wrist Watch Phone Sim Anti-lost SOS Bracelet Parent Control By iPhone IOS Android Smartphone.

Witmoving Childrens Smartwatch GPS Tracker Kids Wrist Watch


Why I Love It

You can call and message your child and they can call numbers in their phone book too. Kids can also SOS call 3 numbers if they’re ever in trouble.

Parents can set a perimeter so they get a notifications if the child goes outwith the boundary they have set, you can even get notified if they take the watch off!

You can send voice messages to each other through the data and if that wasn’t enough, it even acts as a fitness tracker by tracking steps they take!



  • Phone Call: Families can call watch, and watch can also call families. Press SOS key for 3 seconds to call the numbers in SOS list.
  • Precise Localization: Double position technology based on GPS + Local Base Station, achieving all day real-tim location tracking, more precise localization.
  • Remote Monitor: Much more sensitive microphone. Monitoring all the sound around the device when emergency happened.
  • Historical Route: Can trace your history route position within recently 3 months.
  • Other Features: Pedometer, voice chat on app, anti-off alert, class mode.

I’m not sure if this is a new thing or it has been around for ages and I’m just late to catch on but either way it’s a fantastic little device and well worth sharing with anyone who, like me, might not have heard of it because i think it’s amazing!

It’s currently retailing on Amazon for £19.98 and what a small price to pay for such a huge peace of mind!

Find it here.

If you try this or you already have one, leave a comment below and let me know your thoughts.

Speak soon, Donna

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