The Wonderful World of Online Dating For Single Mums

Online dating for single mums

It’s here, the time has come. Time to explore the weird and wonderful world of online dating for single mums!

I’m so envious of my friends who found their person years ago.  All settled down in a comfortable and happy relationship with the exhausting search to find a decent guy who’s not a liar, not an asshole, not a cheat, not a serial killer finally over.  Never again having to endure night after night sitting alone with TV, chocolate and cats for company (seriously though, why won’t they hug me!!!???) And never having to resort to online dating!

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Now being single does have its perks –

  • you get the whole bed to yourself
  • you can spend more time with your friends, doing what you want to do
  • that last bit of pizza and that last bit of chocolate are yours – no sharing required
  • you have sole control over the TV remote – once the kids are in bed and you can finally turn off Paw Patrol that is!
  • You can watch as many rom-coms as you like – The Notebook anyone?
  • your money is your money to spend on what you like
  • no more emotional roller coaster – does he still love me, is he cheating on me, is he lying to me, does he still fancy me…
  • no need to blame the kid or the cat if you accidently let out wind (unless you’re in a public place)
  • shaving your legs is optional, you can be as smelly and as lazy as you like
  • you can flirt
  • you can have girls nights

….. wait a minute….. why don’t I want to be single…..??? 

…….Because I promised myself that 2017 would be the year i actively try to change my relationship status from lonely single mum with no social life addicted to chocolate and shit TV to happily coupled up lady addicted to chocolate and shit TV.  So, I’m getting back on that horse and looking for a man.


Yes, I thought David was the one and I’ve mourned the end of that fling all of.…….1 week?  But I figured I could do what I would normally and disappear into my self-pitying hole and wallow in the loss of yet another potential partner and happy ending gone wrong for the next year, or I can simply pick myself up, accept that he wasn’t meant to be and get on with finding the one!


Better times are on their way. Life quote


Online Dating for Single Mums – a Good Option?

This is where online dating becomes a very viable option. You see, being a single parent with very little options or opportunities for babysitters means that actually getting out there and meeting people in person is hard.  Maybe a once a month thing at the most.

So, what do we do? That one night out a month go out all guns blazing and search every pub and bar introducing yourself to every man you see? Well the trouble with that is (apart from being crazy) you reach a certain age when you go out to the pub and every ‘man’ is at least 10 years younger than you.  In fact, isn’t that the boy I used to babysit for!? Suddenly you’re the old woman in the pub, the sad one left on the shelf and all the ‘men’ are 20 year olds out to get pissed and shag as many girls as they can. Not to meet and settle down with a 35-year-old single mum! Nope, we turn to online dating!

It’s Like Shopping!

To be honest, 10 years ago I would have been mortified if anyone saw me on one of those sites, but these days it isn’t the embarrassing taboo it used to be.  These days (at least once you reach the grand old age of 35) people are so busy, or have kids, or tend to leave it so long to decide to finally settle down that looking online from the comfort of your sofa with a glass of wine is quite a practical, modern day way to look for someone.

It’s like shopping online! And I love shopping!


So here we go!

Witty yet charming profile set up, check!

Flattering, yet slightly edited (ok, filtered within an inch of actually looking like me) photos uploaded, check!

The ‘what I’m looking for’ section filled out in an honest yet open minded manner, check!

Glass of wine in hand and ready to scroll through my matches to spot ‘the one’, check!


Here goes………. I’ll keep you posted….!


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